1202385-Nurzulfa binti Mohamad Fazli

by Mizi Wahid

The Art of Letting God

"You may have had a rough start in your marriage, your business, your career - but it's not how you start that matters most, it's how you finish. Let us begin the exploration of your journey towards "surrendering" in this book. And may we all find the strength to let go, the capacity to forgive, and the faith to move on."

Call Upon Him

"There are plenty of books out there this present day which compiles a list of supplications; long and short, along with its meanings for their readers to choose from. Thus, this book hopes to deliver differently, in the area of encouragement and support for those who have been knocking on heaven’s doors but have yet to get a response or have been disappointed with the answers they have received so far."

You are Loved

"In Mizi Wahid’s third book, he explores the concept of love and its impact on our lives. With his signature narration style of hope and compassion, ‘You Are Loved’ is not just emotionally inspiring but also spiritually empowering— it is the companion that we all need as we try to find our way back to the real meaning of love."


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"I'm glad I finally bought this book. I'm living in uncertainty before and after reading this book, i'm trying to live a better life."
The Art of Letting God Book's Reader
"I really love the books, the inspiring words make me realize that why we want to be alone while Allah always beside us.This book is really touched my heart."
Syarfa Aimi
Call Upon Him Book's Reader
"It showed how Allah love us even before we born. Something to ponder to appreciate what we have. A great book to soothe your souls."
You are Loved Book's Reader