About Online Distance Learning (ODL)

Any learning activities within formal, informal, and non-formal domains that are facilitated by information and communication technologies to lessen distance, both physically and psychologically, and to increase interactivity and communication among learners, learning sources, and facilitators. A system of education that attempts to remove the administrative and educational bottlenecks experienced in the traditional face-to-face system and brings about self-directed and flexibility in learning such as place and time of learning.


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About Us

We are a group of student that enlighten the people on how does the educational activity operating during the covid-19 period specifically on how does the ODL (online and distance learning) working as a workable mechanism that allows teachers or the educational institutes to carry on with their duties that is to educate students. Also we give an exposure to the public on what are the obstacles faced by all of the students in experiencing the ODL for the first time.